Massachusetts ZIP codes top’s list ranked our neighboring city of Medford (02155) #4 on their list of Top 10 Hottest ZIP codes of 2017!  Factors used in the determination of ZIP codes all over the country include property affordability, millennial population and ownership rates, resident salaries, and city job markets.  This certainly matches what we are seeing as our office represented parties in more than 20 transactions in Medford in 2017.

Melrose (02176) is also a hot ZIP code and is currently ranked #4 for the first quarter this year.  It will be interesting to see where Melrose ranks at the end of 2018!

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More changes ahead in the closing process when you Buy/Sell or Refinance your HOME!

In effort for Buyers and Owners to better understand the terms of the loan product they are purchasing from their lender, NEW regulations are around the corner and will be implemented starting August 1, 2015.  The main idea is to give the consumer more time to review the terms associated with the loan product they are purchasing…but will this cause delays in the closing date and cause problems until all parties truly understand the process????

For more information see this Article from The Washington Post

Do you need Title Insurance when you buy a home?

One common question that clients, who are in the purchase and sale process, ask is about whether they need title insurance.  Although every real estate deal is different, what is constant is the need for protection.

Both residential and commercial deals can become complicated and what title insurance ensures is that you have protection from the possibility that the seller doesn’t, or the previous seller didn’t have free and clear ownership of the house and property that you are purchasing.

To learn more about what the benefits of coverage along with how title insurance protects you check out this helpful article from NOLO.


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